Rules and Information!

  • Pointers and Flushers are welcome entries in our Open competition.
  • Cost per run is found in my newsletter or you may send an email or call for pricing.  Members may use birds off of their account.
  • Each run has a max run time of 15 minutes
  • You may use a remote collar
  • Each run will have 3 birds placed
  • Scoring
    • Upon locating birds flushing dogs must flush, pointers must hold a point of 5 seconds
    • Gunner shoots the bird
    • Gun dog retrieves bird to handler.  On the retrieve the handler cannot move towards the dog on the retrieve.
    • A safety may be called by gunner or judge in a unsafe or potentially unsafe situation.  A safety counts as a bagged bird.
    • Time of run

This is designed to be a simple and fun event!

  • If you are a new gunner or have a new dog come on out and run your dog for fun without a judge if you would prefer.  You will not be scored, but you will get your dog on some birds!
  • If there is any variance in rules or information for a given event they will be stated beforehand and entries will be notified before the event begins for clarification!